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Chainsaw Ministry

made in heaven, inspired by hell

Michael P.
3 June
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Honor the Texas flag; I pledge allegiance to thee, Texas, one and indivisible

80s hip hop, a clockwork orange, acoustic guitars, adidas, b movies, bad brains, barrington levy, bars, beer, ben harper, bettie page, black flag, bloodshot records, bluegrass, bob marley, bunny wailer, cats, cee lo green, chainsaws, chuck taylors, coffin bass, comedy central, computers, danzig, dead alive, dead prez, deism, demons, dennis brown, dj bobby b, dr. pepper, dub, ebay, el santo, everlast, evil clowns, evil dead, family guy, feeling irie, fiend club, fight club, freedom, george romero, good vibes, goodie mob, grand theft auto, gretsch guitars, grouphug, guinness, hank williams iii, hank williams sr., heineken, hell, hellcat records, hepcat, homestar runner, horror literature, horror movies, hot rods, hunter s thompson, jack daniels, jamaica, jerry bradly perales, jerry lee lewis, jimmy cliff, johnny cash, kids in the hall, kill bill, lone star beer, lowriders, mandolins, mano negra, manu chao, marijuana, mc5, mephiskapheles, mexican food, mexican women, mexican wrestling, michael moore, mickey's fine malt liquor, misfits, molotov, mona and daffodil baby, monster movies, monsters, motorhead, mr. glenners, music, nekromantix, nick cave, nightmares, old dirty bastard, outlaw country, peter tosh, pootie tang, psychobilly, punk, ramones, rancid, red stripe, reggae, reverend horton heat, riddims, robert johnson, rockabilly, rude girls, run dmc, satan, serial killers, skinhead girls, skinhead reggae, skinhead rock and roll, skinheads, skoidats, skrewdriver, sleep, slightly stoopid, small town pimps, souls, strangers with candy, sublime, suicide girls, surf rock, tea, texas, texas chainsaw massacre, the ghastly ones, the jam, the legendary shack shakers, the melodians, the roots, the specials, the white stripes, too rude, toots and the maytals, trojan records, two tone ska, upright bass, voodoo glow skulls, whiskey, wrestling masks, zapatistas, zombies